1. For parallel database, if “Different queries” run in parallel,

1. For parallel database, if “Different queries” run in parallel, how to handle possible conflicts?

2. What is the application of Hash partitioning and its advantages?

3. Since there are different data warehouse system available such as AWS, Snowflake,…etc.

If you want to retrieve some information/data/special topics from different warehouse system, what will you do? Such as what kind of steps needed to take and why shall we take those steps, or directly using keyword, etc. Note: you may need to concern about both of the efficiency and effectiveness (precision) performance.

4. What is data pipeline? List some advantages as using data pipeline.

5. Why is NoSQL become another important approaching for database and occupied a lot of marketing?

*****A simple explanation is required. Each question should be one paragraph. And one paragraph should be 5-8 sentence.

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