A minimum of five cited sources, two of which must

  • A minimum of five cited sources, two of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles. Other formats can vary (websites, news articles, videos, books, etc.). Image citations do not count toward the five cited sources.
  • Proper paraphrasing and synthesizing of resouces.
  • One cited Creative Commons licensed image.
  • Citations should be included in/at the bottom of the slide for which it is used as well as at the end on a “References” slide.
  • Note: You are not trying to convince of a certain viewpoint, you are presenting researched information on the topic. 
    Your presentation should include at least six slides consisting of:
    Slide One: Introduction
  1. Story, quote, questions, something of interest to grab the attention of your audience.
  2. Statement of your research question.
  3. The “why” of the question. Why you chose it and a brief background or history of the problem.
  4. Slides 2-4: Body
  5. Slide 2: Main point #1: Topic sentence/main idea. Supporting details to defend or strengthen your sentence/idea. You should use at least two (2) supporting details in each paragraph that are cited/supported by the resources from your annotated bibliography or other assignments. Supporting details cna include facts, examples, and expert opinions (not your personal opinions).
  6. Slide 3: Main point #2: (same format as main point #1, but different point)
  7. Slide 4: Main point #3: (same format as main point #1, but different point)
  8. Slide 5: Conclusion
    Restate your thesis statement, summarize the main points, and provide concluding sentence.
    Slide 6: References
    Include all six (or more!) resources cited in the presentation correctly formatted and the image citation.
    Please note that six (6) is the minimum amount of slides you must have, but feel free to use more. Use graphcis to help enhance and illustrate your report—no walls of text, please. Make sure to cite the sources of anything you did not originally create.
    Submit your file and attach a script or include it in the notes section of your slides. 

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