An article in the April 5, 2018, Financial Times titled

 An article in the April 5, 2018, Financial Times titled “Who will lead the car industry in a time of big
change?” asks the question: Who will lead the world’s carmakers as they face intense change that
requires new business models and adopting new technologies while at the same time (at least for a
time) keep the old businesses running? Leaders will face the challenge of guiding large, usually not
nimble businesses through needed changes in a competitive industry. In addition as the nature of car
making changes (electric cars, other alternative fuels), leaders face the challenge of integrating an
increasing number of information systems technologists with the engineers that have dominated the
professional workforce until now. Two different professional cultures that need to be integrated.
Assume that you have been appointed CEO of Ford.  Operate as a transformational leader and develop a
new vision for Ford that defines its future and contributes to the integration of the mixed professional
work force.
1. Write a vision statement and explain why it is transformational. The vision statement should be
human and written in a human voice.  Important note: A wordsmithed PR type of vision statement that
is full of jargon and stilted language will result in very low grade.  Phrases like “best of breed,” “world-
class organization,” and “company of choice” are a sure sign that you are on the wrong path and need to
2. Explain how the vision that you have developed can be used to advance innovation and integrate the
engineers and the information technology professionals (i.e. encourage, facilitate collaboration, working
in teams) 

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