ASSIGNMENT (MLO 1 & 2) Review the SMART Goal Worksheet.


  1. Review the SMART Goal Worksheet.
  2. Start thinking about the next 3 years and what you need to accomplish in order to achieve your business related career goals.
  3. Using the SMART Goal Worksheet provided, write 3 separate SMART career goals specific to your future career path.

Please ensure that:

  • You use the SMART Goal Worksheet for each of your 3 SMART goals. Please submit 3 SMART Goal Worksheets.
  • These goals are career related for the next 3 years. No personal/ life related goals.
  • Your educational goals are acceptable as long as they relate to your career.

Please note: Do not provide personal goals, such as buying a house, becoming a millionaire, losing weight/gaining weight, getting your dream car…etc. This will result in you not being awarded points for this assignment.


  • Completed SMART 3 Year Career Goals.
    1. Remember that you are submitting 3 goals, so there should be one handout for each goal. 
    2. Please make sure your goals are career related before you submit them. 

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