Choose 2 of the following to respond to, making sure


Choose 2 of the following to respond to, making sure to write roughly 150 words for each response, so that you can adequately and fully answer each question. I am looking for both your own insights and connections as well as factual information. Simply listing facts does not completely demonstrate your understanding of the material on its own. 

*** Do not include any copied information from other sources, as this will not earn you points. I am only looking for your own information, not information you took from other sources. 

1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the North and the South during the Civil War. Explain how the North’s advantages ultimately led to their victory. 

4. Explain the impact of technology on the war. Identify the new technologies and explain how they affected the style of fighting, the injury/death tolls, and how they impacted the overall war. 

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