Do you think it is wise for Domino’s to stick


  1. Do you think it is wise for Domino’s to stick to its traditional “home delivery” business model; even when that is not the norm in a country, and when its international rivals have changed their format? Why or why not? Use the global product and communications strategies grid to explain and support your answer.
  2. What do you think Domino’s does from an organizational perspective to make sure that it accommodates local differences in consumer tastes and preferences?  Is there one particular area in which you think they could have a better solution? If so, describe it and briefly discuss why you think this would be an improvement over current practices. If not, briefly discuss why you think Domino’s current actions are their best approach.
  3. Compare and contrast the marketing mix for Domino’s in Japan vs. India vs. the United States. Select an element present in one market that you would recommend be adopted in another market, with rationale and adjustments as needed.

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