Each student will develop an “icebreaker” that could be used


Each student will develop an “icebreaker” that could be used to begin a group therapy session.

You can design this “icebreaker” for any population you might work with.

You will create in which you (a)  teach the class how to conduct the icebreaker. You may teach this any way that makes sense – you might demonstrate yourself conducting the icebreaker (please do not use a real client) or teach the class how to do it another way. Then, (b) explain the way you hope it helps you develop cohesion in the group setting with reference to the information in the course readings.

 In the second part of your post, when you explain the way this icebreaker helps to develop cohesion, please refer to at least 2 specific parts of the textbook. 



  • Yalom, I.D & Leszcz, M. (2020). The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Fifth Edition. New York: Basic Books Publishing 
  • Yalom, I.D. (2006). The Schopenhauer Cure, Harper Collins Publishers. (please be reading at your own pace in preparation for the assignment due by week 8)

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