For the Second World War, pay special attention to the


For the Second World War, pay special attention to the origins of the war. The end of the first world war left Germany broken and France and England at the top of European politics. But the war had taken a terrible toll on the French especially. The rise of Hitler and Mussolini is linked to this dynamic. America itself had little interest in European Politics, and it took an external attack to draw them into the war. Read more on it then answer the following:

1. What was FDR’s approach to fixing the depression? What did he use to gain the country’s confidence?

2. What were the main differences in goals between the First and Second New Deals?

3. How Successful were the new deals in doing what they set out to do?

4. What was America’s initial attitude to the war?  What did it take for Americans to support joining the war?

5. What were the primary reasons for Dropping Nuclear ordinance on Japan? How did Russia play into the decision?

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