For This Assignment First, read the article: Milky Way’s black


For This Assignment

  1. First, read the article: Milky Way’s black hole flared 2 million years ago.
  2. Next, research supermassive black holes
    • Go online and research more about supermassive black holes, using reliable sites. Find at least one (1) site that has information about supermassive black holes, not just the Milky Way’s black holes
  3. Lastly, after completing the online research and reading the article, answer the following questions:
    • What additional information did you uncover in regard to supermassive black holes? How does this compare to the Astronomy article Milky Way’s black hole flared 2 million years ago?
    • Why do you think astronomers use two different names for the Milky Way’s black hole; Sagittarius A* and Sgr A*?3.
    • It was noted that the last outburst was “Like a fossil record of a huge outburst of energy.” What do you suppose is meant by that statement?
    • What type of “fireworks” might astronomers see when the Milky Way’s black hole again becomes active in the near future, as soon as this year? Does it pose any danger to us on Earth? Why or Why not?

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