In each of the first 4 modules, one type of

In each of the first 4 modules, one type of crime that concerns technology and victimization was discussed.Module 1: Stalking
Module 2: Sextortion
Module 3: Human trafficking
Module 4: Child pornographyThere are additional types of victimization that are the product of or facilitated by technology (cyberbullying, online-counterfeit goods, etc). Your assignment is to choose one type of victimization that involves technology, and to create a presentation of the subject.

  • Define the crime (either by state or federal definitions), discuss how prevalent it is, discuss who the victims are and what impacts they experience, include images or videos that relate to the crime or victims, discuss current tactics to combat it, and discuss future ways to address it.
  • Put this information into some type of presentation (you can use Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway, Google Slides, Prezi, etc.)
  • Upload the file or link to the presentation in the assignment submission area.

Make sure you are using academic search terms when researching topics such as child pornography. I generally put “child pornography research” into the library data base or search engine.Cite your sources using APA. Use one source from an academic journal or .gov or .edu website. 2 sources minimum for this assignment. This information should be on the last slide of your presentation. 

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