Minimum of 500 words with at least three peer review reference in 6th edition apa style. Dear Applicant, Thank you for considering Grand Canyon University. With our online graduate nursing programs ra Nursing Assignment Help

Minimum of 500 words with at least three peer review reference in 6th edition apa style.

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for considering Grand Canyon University. With our online graduate nursing programs ranked 8th in the nation, we are highly recognized in the healthcare industry for outstanding programs for practicing nurses wishing to further their education.

To maintain the highest level of excellence in our Masters of Science of Nursing program we limit the number of applicants admitted for each start date.

Part of the selection process includes reviewing writing samples from prospective students. This writing sample will be reviewed by our Admission Selection Committee.

Once you have completed the writing assignment described below, please forward the Letter of Intent to your enrollment counselor.

Write a short essay in response to the following questions:

1. What are your short and long-term career goals and how will this program prepare you for them?

2. What do you view as key attributes of being a successful FNP/ACNP (Family Nurse Practitioner / Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) why?

3. How will you dedicate the time and effort to be successful in the program?

4. What do you see as major trends in healthcare? What do you see as your role in that?

a. The title of this essay will be: Letter of Intent

b. This paper should be at approximately 500 words in length.

c. This paper must be written in APA format using Microsoft Word and must include both a cover and reference page.

d. Include one reference citation from any source.

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The Masters of Science in Nursing program at Grand Canyon University has a highly competitive admission process, which includes reviewing writing samples from prospective students. In this essay, we will answer the four questions posed in the content.

Answer 1:
Short-term career goals: My short-term career goal is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and work in a clinical setting. I want to provide primary care services to individuals and families, promoting health and preventing diseases. Becoming an FNP will allow me to make a significant impact on patients’ lives by providing comprehensive care and alleviating some of the burden on physicians.

Long-term career goals: My long-term career goal is to become a leader in the healthcare industry and contribute to improving healthcare outcomes on a larger scale. I aspire to be involved in policy-making and advocating for changes that will address the existing healthcare disparities and challenges. Additionally, I aim to pursue a doctoral degree in nursing to further enhance my knowledge and skills in research and education.

This program will prepare me for my career goals by providing me with advanced knowledge and skills in primary healthcare, advanced practice nursing, and leadership. The curriculum will equip me with the necessary competencies to deliver evidence-based care, diagnose and treat common illnesses, and provide health promotion and disease prevention interventions. The program’s emphasis on critical thinking and research will enhance my ability to make informed and ethical decisions in a complex healthcare environment.

Answer 2:
Key attributes of a successful FNP/ACNP include clinical competence, strong communication skills, critical thinking ability, and compassion.

Clinical competence is essential for FNPs/ACNPs as they need to diagnose and treat a wide range of health conditions. They must possess a strong foundation in primary care and be able to manage acute and chronic illnesses effectively. Additionally, they should remain updated with the latest advancements and guidelines in their field to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Strong communication skills are crucial for FNPs/ACNPs as they often serve as primary caregivers and coordinators of care for their patients. They must be able to establish rapport with patients, actively listen to their concerns, and effectively communicate complex medical information in a way that patients can understand. Communication skills are also essential when collaborating with interprofessional healthcare teams and assisting patients in making informed decisions about their healthcare.

Critical thinking ability is vital in the role of an FNP/ACNP as they must be able to analyze complex situations, identify problems, and develop appropriate care plans. They need to think critically to make timely decisions and intervene promptly to prevent complications. Additionally, critical thinking skills allow FNPs/ACNPs to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions and adapt their approach as necessary.

Compassion is a fundamental attribute of successful FNPs/ACNPs. Showing empathy and understanding towards patients’ physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs promotes patient trust, satisfaction, and overall well-being. Compassion helps FNPs/ACNPs build therapeutic relationships with their patients and provide holistic care that addresses not only the physical symptoms but also the patients’ emotional and social aspects.

Answer 3:
To be successful in the program, I am committed to dedicating the time and effort required to excel academically. Balancing the demands of the program with personal and professional obligations will require effective time management and organizational skills. I will create a study schedule and prioritize my coursework to ensure I allocate sufficient time for learning, assignments, and preparation for exams.

Additionally, I understand the importance of active participation in discussions and engagement with faculty and peers. I will actively contribute to online forums, collaborate with peers on group assignments, and seek clarification whenever needed. By engaging in meaningful interactions, I can enhance my understanding of the course material and gain insights from the diverse experiences of my peers.

To stay on track and monitor my progress, I will regularly assess my strengths and weaknesses and seek additional resources or support when necessary. I will make use of the various academic resources provided by the university, such as the library, online databases, and tutoring services. Leveraging these resources will help me optimize my learning experience and build a solid foundation for my future practice as an FNP.

Answer 4:
Major trends in healthcare include an increasing focus on preventive care, advancements in technology, and a shift towards patient-centered care. As an FNP, my role in these trends is critical.

Preventive care has gained significant recognition in recent years due to its potential to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. As an FNP, I will play a crucial role in promoting preventive measures such as screenings, vaccinations, and health education. By emphasizing early detection and interventions, I can help patients maintain their health and prevent the progression of chronic diseases.

Advancements in technology have transformed the healthcare landscape, and FNPs need to stay updated with these changes. Telehealth and electronic health records are becoming increasingly prevalent, enabling better access to care and improving care coordination. As an FNP, I will need to embrace technology and expand my skills to utilize telehealth platforms effectively. Additionally, I will ensure the secure and ethical use of electronic health records to enhance patient care and facilitate efficient communication with other healthcare providers.

The shift towards patient-centered care aims to empower patients and involve them in decisions regarding their health. FNPs are well-positioned to champion this approach by actively involving patients in their care plans, considering their preferences, beliefs, and values. I will strive to create a trusting and collaborative partnership with my patients, promoting shared decision-making and tailoring care to their individual needs.

In conclusion, this program will equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve my short and long-term career goals as an FNP. I recognize the importance of clinical competence, communication skills, critical thinking ability, and compassion in becoming a successful FNP/ACNP. I am dedicated to dedicating the time and effort required to excel in the program, and I understand my role in major healthcare trends such as preventive care, technology advancements, and patient-centered care. Through continuous learning, engagement, and a patient-centered approach, I will contribute to improving healthcare outcomes and making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

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