Part 1. The Minority Testing Bias Persists article calls attention

Part 1. The Minority Testing Bias Persists article calls attention to the fact that some tests may be culture-specific without even knowing it.

  • Discuss the implied message from this article and the need to identify underlying testing items that have subtle stereotypical wording or context that are culturally discriminatory in nature.
  • Discuss effective measures that can address these issues based on your readings for this unit and personal professional behavior.
  • What impact does culture have on the process of psychological assessment and influence diagnosis on verbal communication, and on nonverbal communications?

Part 2. Issues with ethics, legal, socio-cultural, and personal biases affecting diagnostic, treatment and selection process. 

  • Discuss with examples, the role of ethics, legal, socio-cultural, and examiner biases and how each influences the diagnosis, treatment, and applicant selection processes.
  • Explain each of the following forms of testing issues:
    • Discrimination
    • Culture and language barriers
    • American Disability Act (ADA) 
    • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

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