( please answer each question separately) question 1 please explain

 ( please answer each question separately)

question 1

 please explain the following Flash Memory Cards:

a. Secure Digital (SD)
b. Compact Flash (CF)
c. Memory Stick (MS)
d. MultiMediaCard (MMC)
e. xD-Picture Card (xD)
f. SmartMedia (SM) 

question 2

 Choosing two endocrine glands (any two), give an example of one hormone produced by each gland (two hormones total).  For each example discuss how the hormone is regulated, what the main functions are, and how exercise may influence the hormone. At least two primary peer-reviewed articles are required for resources. 

question 3  

Answer the following questions More specifically, drawing upon the course material, the Nolan & Rocco (2009) article, 

  1. What suggestions are made for when you decide to pursue publication?
  2. What are some challenges to publication?
  3. What can be some rewards of publication?
  4. Is publication something of interest to you?

question 4

 For a global business, organizational structure is not important. Do you agree with this statement? Defend your position. 

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