Prepare: In your first post in this discussion, you will

  Prepare: In your first post in this discussion, you  will identify and apply one ethical theory of your choosing to a current  problem in business, also of your choosing. Start by reviewing your  notes on the Week 1 course material and your completed work for Week 1.  Then, choose one of the three ethical theories—i.e., utilitarianism,  deontology, or virtue ethics—on the basis of your thoughtfully  considered preference in general and independent of the business problem  that you will select here. Keep in mind that you will employ this  ethical theory for supporting your position not only for this  discussion, but also for this week’s assignment and the Final Project.To prepare for your selection of the current problem in business,  look at the list of required articles and multimedia which are divided  in the six case-categories as follows:

  • Gender Discrimination (Goodyear)

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