Read classmates post and respond with 100 words: The EHR

Read classmates post and respond with 100 words:

The EHR system could improve the dr./patient experience. By using the EHR system, you’re able to spend more face-to-face time with your patients. You could let the patient see their EHR. When you’re going over something with the patient have the screen where the patient could also see it. That way if anything is wrong you can correct it and it allows the patient to be engaged with their healthcare process. There are several EHR etiquette tips that you should use pertaining to communication. As I previously stated you should position your computer between you and your patient so they can be involved in what is going into their chart. You should ignore the computer when you first enter the room. Talk to your patient for a few minutes before you start putting their information in the system. Ask about previous complaints. Pull up the patient’s information before you enter the room. If they have any open complaints, ask them about the issue to close them out. By doing this you reaffirm to the patient that you care. Lastly, finish the chart in the room. With you being in the room the patient might think of any questions that they have before you leave the room.

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EHR and Patient Communication – Wonderdoc Chiropractic EHR Software

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