Report 2 will be at least 1600 words, 12-point font,


Report 2 will be at least 1600 words, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced. In case you are wondering, that is about six pages. For Report 2, the overarching theme will be COVID-19. As you know COVID-19 is a very large and complex issue. What you are tasked with is to select one topic related to COVID-19 and write about that topic.

MY TOPIC IS Protective Behaviors to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission In the United States

APA 7th edition in-text citations and end-of-text references are REQUIRED. I am NOT requiring a title page or abstract. The document will have an Introduction; answer the following five questions and a summary/conclusion section. End of text references will not be counted in the word count. 

1. Describe the situation presented; provide background information related to the topic. Including basic issue(s) and the relationship among them.

2. Develop a detailed chronology of events- both major events and those that seem, on first reading, relatively minor. 

3. Identify the relevant stakeholders and describe each stakeholder’s problem, goals, demands, and concerns. 

4. Describe the immediate outcome of this case.

5. Describe the long-term impact/outcome of this case.

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