Steps of a Social Action Project: Learn about the issue

 Steps of a Social Action Project:

  1. Learn about the issue and identify a specific problem within that issue on which to focus.
  2.  Identify stakeholders and needs/resources of the community affected by that issue.
    1. Stakeholders are the people involved in an issue – those impacted by the issue, those who can influence or create change, etc.
    2. Assess the needs and strengths of the community related to your issue.  Are other organizations working on the same issue? Are there needs in your community not being addressed?
  3. Assemble a team
    1.  Partner with other organizations, or recruit friends to help plan and implement.
    2. Find out what everyone’s strengths and skills are and design a project to utilize those strengths.
  4.  Choose an action and then create a plan to carry out your project
  5. Implement your action project.
  6. Monitor and evaluate your action.
    1. Keep data, survey participants, and track the results of your project. 


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