The task 1- In a group of no more than


The task 

1-  In a group of no more than 5 students Your first step is to suggest a product/service which helps citizens in savings or effectively managing their pockets money. (Describe the idea briefly)

(it will be an online app called “waffr” specialized on savings an investing safely on the crypto market )   

Then, you must recommend a creative promotional strategy and campaign.

2- Identify the objective of your campaign 

3- Describe your campaign target market attitudinally as well as demographically.

4- From there you would move on to presenting the creative and media strategy, where you may produce your own advertisement (in form of video, changing the logo, poster advertisement …etc.)  recommend the direction the campaign would take:

Ø what sort of media

Ø any new or different communication channels

Ø Any retail or promotional activities that would support a new advertising campaign.

Ø You may want to present mainstream and digital advertising or restrict yourself to just one of the two. But whatever you present will need to hold together as part of an integrated campaign.

Ø You must decide the cost of each media and the time plan for it 

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