Your firm’s partners have decided to invest some of the

Your firm’s partners have decided to invest some of the company’s profits in the stock market and have identified two leading companies in each of five industries (see table below). They have assigned you and several of your colleagues the task of comparing the two companies in each industry in the following qualitative areas: 

  • Internal strengths and weaknesses
  • External threats (can be anything from emerging competitors and shift in the economy to potential changes in consumer habits or new government regulations)
  • Growth opportunities
  • Management styles and strategies
  • Examples of how the companies have succeeded in the face of challenges
  • Brief company background information
  • Brief comparative statistics, such as annual sales, market share, number of employees, number of customers, sources of revenue, and any other numbers you deem relevant

YOUR TASK: Select one industry from the following table and write an 8-10 page (single-spaced), formal report comparing the two companies shown for that industry in the areas listed above. Be sure to include in your report your conclusions and recommendation as to which of the two companies in that particular industry would be the better investment.
IndustryCompaniesWeb Services / Social NetworkingFacebook / SnapchatHealth CareMedtronic PLC / Stryker CorporationEnergy / Electric UtilityDuke Energy / Southern CompanyAutomotive          Honda Motor Company / General Motors CorpAerospaceBoeing / Airbus

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